About Revolut.co.uk®

Everyone knows about domain names… but few know more than we do here at Revolut.co.uk®. We’re passionate about domains, and we’re keen to make sure you can benefit from that passion too.

We’ve poured years of experience in the domain name industry into Revolut.co.uk®. Even before we set up our business, we were buying and selling domains, gaining experience, building websites, and learning what went into a strong domain name.

Now you can take advantage of all that knowledge, provided for you in our services on offer at Revolut.co.uk®. We’re not the biggest domain services business around, but that works in our favour – and yours. It means we can offer more personalised services to all our clients. You’ll see how that personal element gives us the edge, enabling us to serve you in a professional and friendly manner.

Catering to all businesses and clients, large and small

We understand that you might feel a little out of the league of the larger domain name service companies online today. Some are keen to demonstrate their size in the industry, but this can leave smaller businesses and individuals feeling as if they don’t quite fit in.

If you’ve felt like this while looking at other domain name companies, you’ll notice the difference with Revolut.co.uk®. We aim to bring our expertise to the table for clients and customers from all kinds of businesses. So, whether you’re the sole proprietor of the business or acting on behalf of a much bigger company, Revolut.co.uk® has the services and capabilities to help.

Dealing with all stages of the domain buying and selling process

Even before Revolut.co.uk® came into being, we were learning how to get the best price whenever we sold a domain name. We also put together a process that gave us the best chance of buying a domain name for a competitive price – even when someone else already owned it.

Over the years, we’ve streamlined those processes and learned the methods that work best when trying to sell for the highest possible price and buy for the lowest. Now, you get the chance to go through those same processes, hiring our team to help you achieve the best results as well.

We’re serious about privacy and anonymity

You don’t need to be the head of a multinational company to own a well-known business. Many smaller brands and businesses also have a strong name and presence. Revolut.co.uk® is big enough to handle all your domain name requirements, but small enough to still provide you with that personal touch you want. No matter the size of your business, though, you can count on receiving our utmost attention and consideration at every stage of the process. Anonymity is vital when you’re buying or selling a domain name as it is directly associated with the value of the domain you’re trying to buy or sell. If people know your business is trying to buy a domain, they may think you’ll be able to pay more for it than you want to. By enlisting the help of Revolut.co.uk®, you can remain anonymous throughout the process, as we take on the buying process for you.

The same applies if you want to sell a domain and stay in the shadows throughout. You may have valid reasons why you want your identity to remain hidden – Revolut.co.uk® can guide you through the process every step of the way. We’ll keep you informed of what’s happening and when, and make sure you benefit from all the knowledge we’ve amassed over the years.

We’ll take away the awkwardness of approaching a buyer or seller, too

Here’s another feature of our service you can take advantage of that you may not yet have thought of. Few people are natural salespeople, able to approach anyone and sell them whatever they have to offer. Few can approach someone who has something they want and persuade them to sell it at a reasonable price.

But here’s another area where Revolut.co.uk® can step in and smooth out the process on your behalf. You may own a domain and you know the exact business or individual who might be interested in buying it. That’s a big step, but approaching that business or individual is an even bigger one.

Our team knows how to make that first approach. We know how to identify buyers too, so if you know you have a great domain that’s worth something to someone else, and you’re not sure where to begin, we’re here and ready. You’ll soon see our experience coming through in all the actions we take.

And yet through it all, as we handle negotiations, transactions, and domain transfers from seller to buyer, we’re keeping you informed. We’re just as keen on offering you the personal touch throughout as we are in completing each sale professionally and in good time. You won’t feel as if you’re dealing with a business – we hope you’ll feel as if you’re dealing with a real human, because you are.

We think that’s the difference between the team here at Revolut.co.uk® and many of the other domain name services out there today. While our business has grown over the years, we have worked hard to retain that personal touch. We know it’s something a lot of people look for, hence why you’ll always have a named contact at Revolut.co.uk® that you can speak to whenever you wish. They’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening and let you know how those negotiations are going.

Are you ready to buy or sell a domain name?

Take the Revolut.co.uk® path to success today. If you want to buy as low as possible and sell as high as possible, we can help you make that happen. Feel free to get in touch today via our contact form. We’d be delighted to see how we can help you buy or sell any domains you wish. There’s no hard sell, so contact us when you have a moment and let’s see how we can help.

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