Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Contents

  1. How this website focuses on your privacy
  2. Your personal information
  3. How we may use your information
  4. Your information with regard to security
  5. Children’s privacy rights
  6. Do you need to change any of your information?
  7. How you can contact us

How this website focuses on your privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. We always make sure that any information you choose to share with us is kept strictly private and cannot be accessed by anyone else. We would suggest you read through the remainder of this privacy policy so you can see how it works in relation to your information and privacy.

Your personal information

You may find that certain pages of this website ask you to enter pieces of personal information to gain access to other pages of this website. Should this occur the only pieces of information required shall be the most essential. The information shall not be revealed to or shared with others. This is applicable irrespective of the area you live in or which details you are requested to enter.

How we may use your information

We shall never do anything that may put your personal security at risk. This includes the methods we use to handle your information. If we request any of your information at any point we agree never to use such information without having your permission sought first. Furthermore if you should agree to receive our emails for any reason at any time, you are always able to opt out of them at any point in the future.

Your information with regard to security

We take all measures possible to ensure that your personal information and data is always kept safe and secure. In addition to this we have the best software possible and use the best computer systems to ensure such information is always safe and free from harm or accessibility by hackers. We can assure you that your personal information is always safe with us.

Children’s privacy rights

We have not created this website for the use of children. As such we do not request information from children, nor do we ever expect or aim to in the future. We only request it from adults and we only will ask for information from adults.

Do you need to change any of your information?

Should you ever find the need to alter any information that we hold about you, this is very easy to do. We would encourage you to do it as soon as is practical. You may do it in one of two ways – you can either send us an email with all the most pertinent and relevant information, or you can call us on our direct line. Should you ever have log in information for one or more parts of our website, you must agree to be solely responsible for it. Such information should never be written down because it may be found and accessed by someone wishing to get into your account.

How you can contact us

We welcome all information, contact and questions from all visitors who come to our site. We encourage you to get in touch with us whatever the reason may be for doing so. If you have a complaint or question that needs resolving we shall do all we can to resolve it as speedily as possible. We would advise you to email us using our simple contact form.