Stealth Acquisition

Would you like to go incognito?

It’s not a question many of us are asked that often – if at all – but when it comes to domain names, there are some good reasons why you should consider remaining anonymous if you want to buy or sell a domain.

We know what you’re thinking. If you buy a domain name without getting a third party involved, you don’t need to worry about paying any fees to the third party. Sounds fair enough. But you could end up paying well over the odds for that domain – especially if you’re after a pricey domain name and you have the cash to pay for it.

If the seller does their research and realises you can easily pay a top price for the domain, you could end up paying a lot more for it than if you went through a broker. Alternatively, they could ask for a bigger price than you’re willing to pay, which means either you pay it or you let the name go.

And that’s where our stealth acquisition services come in. Once you know how they work and realise the advantages they offer, you’ll want to know more.

Remain anonymous with®

If you go the® way, you can remain in the shadows while we get on with the serious task of trying to acquire a specific domain name on your behalf. If your business is worth a serious amount of money, chances are any domain owner you approach is going to try and make the most of that. While they might sell for a far lower price to almost anyone else, they’re going to want to try and sell for a higher price to you. They know your business can afford to pay, so this represents a chance for the seller to get the best price for their domain name.

Think of it like this. They want to get the best price, and you want to pay a competitive price. The actual price usually sits somewhere in the middle. But if you instruct an experienced team to handle the negotiations for you, you stand a much better chance of spending far less to get the domain name you truly want.

Why choose® for stealth domain name acquisition?

You can already see why going via a broker is a smart choice when you want to buy a domain already owned by someone else – and for a sensible price. But there are other businesses offering similar services, so what makes® the best option for you and your business?

Firstly, we have years of experience in the domain name industry. We’ve lost count of how many domains we’ve bought and sold over the years, some with established websites set up and some simply waiting to be sold on. We’ve gained experience from the ground up, giving every member of our team a solid grounding in buying and selling domain names.

The average person doesn’t have that experience or knowledge supporting them when they consider buying a domain name – particularly not when they’re looking to buy one from an existing domain owner.

This requires an extensive process, involving:

  • Identifying the owner
  • Approaching the owner
  • Negotiating the price (which can be a long process in itself)
  • Concluding the sale
  • Transferring the domain

Very often, we find website and business owners simply do not have the time nor the experience to know how to go about this process, much less to be sure of doing so for a decent agreed price.

When you think about it, it doesn’t matter which business you’re in – you don’t have extensive knowledge about every aspect of it. It’s why you hire accountants and other experts to help in various areas, so you can get on with other vital tasks. If you want to buy a domain, it makes good sense to get the experts in for that, too. And just as an accountant can usually save you money, we can too, if you want a popular domain name for a competitive price.

If you come to®, you can be sure we’ll help you find the domains that mean the most to you and your business. We’ll identify the owner of each domain, find a starting point for the negotiations, and act as a go-between – all the while maintaining your total privacy. We negotiate with the buyer, not you, so they won’t know you’re behind the transaction.

This means you can sit back and know the experts are handling each stage of the process for you – saving you time, saving you endless hassle, and usually money too.

We’re also clear about our fees

We’re never happy when businesses are shady about their fees. That’s why we are clear about ours. Get in touch today – we’ve got a handy contact page you can use, accessible from the menu above – and we’ll be happy to discuss our fees with you if you’re interested in using our stealth acquisition services.

There are no hidden fees, no nasty surprises, and no extras added on at the end. You’ll know ahead of using our services just how much they’ll cost if you want to use them.

If you do decide to go ahead, your broker at® will keep you up to date at every step, letting you know what’s happening and how the negotiations are proceeding. Your anonymity matters most, so you’ll stay in the background throughout, with the potential seller never knowing your identity. This keeps the negotiations on track to reach a competitive and agreeable price for both parties.

Contact us today at® to learn more about our service and how you can take advantage of it. Remember, we don’t hide our prices or make them complicated to understand. We are here to serve you, so if stealth acquisition of a domain name could be of benefit to your business, take our revolutionary route to finding and buying the domain name you have always wanted. Are you ready to begin?