How many domain names do you own? And how much do you think each one could be worth?

You’ll know the answer to the first question, but we’re certain you won’t know the answer to the second. And that could leave you out of pocket if you intend to sell one or more domain names in the future.

There are plenty of places online where you can sell a domain name. That’s not the issue. The issue is that you’ll always want to get the best possible price for every name you sell. And if you have no real idea of its value before you begin, you could end up leaving a lot of cash on the table.

Every domain name is an asset

If you’ve set up a website for a domain, it could hold a greater value than one that is merely parked and waiting to be put to good use. However, there are many different aspects involved when you start looking at the value of a domain. If you are unaware of these aspects, you’re not going to go through them all before deciding on a price to ask when you’re ready to sell a domain.

That’s where we come in.® is ready to help you find the real value of any domain name you’re thinking of selling. This is the most important first step you can take. Even if you’re unsure whether to sell at this stage, discovering the value of a domain name can help you work out whether you should hang onto it or sell it on for a fair price.

Take advantage of our domain appraisal service today

A domain is more than just a word or phrase. It’s a clear indication of what’s for sale. But it is only the beginning. At®, we go beyond the name and identify the market value it holds. We’ll let you know why your domain holds the value it does, and how much you could sell it for.

All kinds of elements go into our appraisals – many of which you’d never even imagine were relevant. We have the appropriate experience and knowledge of domains and their value in the marketplace to provide this appraisals service for anyone who wants to know more about their own domains.

An appraisal should always come before a sale

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to set a fixed price for a domain name or whether you want to negotiate with a potential buyer to find an agreeable price for you both. In each case, you need to know how valuable your domain is before you choose a price or starting point. If you don’t and if you’re merely guessing its value – or looking at how much you’d like to get for it – you could be undervaluing it.

When you begin the process with®, you’re beginning from a position of strength. Our team of experts uses all kinds of metrics to work out the value of a domain. While there is no exact figure you can ever arrive at, a ballpark figure is certainly achievable.

If you want to know more about our appraisals service for any domain name that you own, contact us today using our contact page. We’ll be in touch with further details to give you an idea of what you can expect. We combine professionalism with a friendly nature, providing a seamless experience and bringing you the knowledge you need.

Two areas of consideration for domain name appraisals

These are easy to remember, yet they each go into plenty of detail. We consider internal and external factors relating to a domain name, so we can identify the inherent value in a domain.

Internal factors relate to the domain itself. We look at how long the domain has been around, along with traffic volumes and other crucial data.

External factors can relate to elements you won’t always think of. For example, if a domain name relates to an on-trend topic, it is likely to have greater value than if it does not have that current popularity factor.

We consider many other factors as well, providing us with a rounded picture that enables us to gauge the likely value of your domain name. This means you’ll be in a much stronger position when you’re ready to sell that domain. You’re far less likely to give it away for a much lower price. This often happens when the buyer realises what they’re getting, and the seller does not recognise the value of what they’re selling. You’re also in a far better position regarding negotiating a price, as you’ll be able to back up your starting price with facts that support the domain’s estimated value.

Trust in® to help you get the best price every time

It’s easy enough to find a domain marketplace online that can help you sell your domain. But how many of them also provide a full appraisals service for that domain?

At®, you can enjoy both these services whenever you need them most. We can research your domain as detailed above, using all manner of metrics to provide you with a guide price for selling it. We can also gauge the likely value of any domain name you wish to buy.

You can then choose to sell your domain with Revolut®, taking full advantage of our brokerage services to remain anonymous during the entirety of the sales process. We can act on your behalf if you want to try and buy a domain name too. Knowing the value of one that’s already been taken is only part of the process. You can enlist the services of our experts in domain buying and selling to negotiate the best price for purchasing a desired domain. We’ve been able to help many others on both sides of the sales process – and it begins with a solid appraisal.

Get in touch with us today by using our contact form, and let’s see how we can help you make your domain dreams become a reality.