Nominet Considers .UK Modernisation

Nominet is considering bringing in major changes to the .uk registry platform, according to a news item on their website. They are currently consulting with stakeholders to determine the way forward.

The suggestion of this change first came forth in 2022, and since then, talks have been ongoing. So, what’s happening and what is being proposed? Well, Nominet has been around since 1996, when it adopted a bespoke codebase to provide adequate support to the registry platform handling .uk domains. Now, they have their own platform using Extensible Provisioning Protocol, otherwise known as EPP.

Today, Nominet has two codebases running alongside each other. This is obviously an issue and overly complicates things. They have proposed that they can combine these codebases, so that only one remains that is suitable for all requirements.

They have recognised that this will be a major change for registrars, hence why they are consulting with everyone to determine the best way forward. As with all systems in any walk of life, some elements of these codebases work well, while others require some improvement. It is hoped that the consultation process will allow registrars to contribute and to provide insight into what can be changed if the process is to go ahead.

Nominet has listed a series of webinar and virtual drop-ins on its website that relate to the proposed changes. While these began in February 2024, the consultation process continues until 26th April 2024. There are two virtual drop-ins arranged for 18th and 24th April, with the last of those two dates involving a call with the CEO, according to the details given. Each drop-in involves a Q&A session to glean more information about the situation.

You can head to Nominet’s website to read the full modernisation consultation document, and to separately submit any feedback you might have regarding the consultation. They state that they will publish a feedback summary following the closing date, so make sure you participate well ahead of that time if you are interested in contributing.

They do state that if the process goes ahead, there will be ample time given for registrars to make all necessary changes. The main issue here is that the codebase used for .uk domains is getting older. Modernisation is required – it’s just a matter of how and when this might occur.

If you wish to know more, we recommend reading the 52-page document via Nominet that explains the history of .uk domains, the advent of their codebase, the legacy technology, and much more. This document also contains the proposals broken down into separate sections, along with the relevant questions pertaining to each of them.

The proposed changes are big – there’s no denying it. However, this consultation could and should drive those changes for the benefit of all those involved. It will surely be involved and tricky to navigate, but having input now will mean the right changes are brought into play. We will update you here when we have further news about the outcome of the consultation process.